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Full Version: Substantial delays since version 3.0
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Hi Mike,

Installed version 3.0 on my HP slate 21 (android 4.4.2,) and I am experiencing very long waits .....

Mobilesheets is set to display the setlist tab when loading, and I have seen waits of more than 20 seconds before that first library screen shows. I do get part of the screen while waiting with at the top right, NEW and IMPORT and overflow visibile, but no tabs, and no setlists are shown.
Switching to the scores tab once the setlists appears, has taken over 2.5 minutes (I timed it) at times, but lately  MSP seems to manage it in 1.5 minutes regularly. I have also seen it appear in under one minute.
I also get the os message 'app not responding' while the wait goes on. Sometimes more than once in one wait ...

I do have some 2,600 scores for a total of some 650 Mb in case that info is important

Loading a single score also takes long. Just timed one load at 12 seconds (pdf file with 2 pages). Swiching to the next song is acceptable.

In general these long wait times do vary. Some times it is a bit faster than the next try.

I rebooted the tablet several times.


You could try to clear the cache of the App. Sometimes it helps.
For any user that references this post, I discovered that this slowdown was due to the use of the material design support library from Google. I was able to extract the pieces I needed from that library and remove it to regain the normal speed again on older devices. This means some of the theming may have slightly changed, but I don't think most users will notice the difference.