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Full Version: v3 bug - printing existing mark-up
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I've just received the v3 update for Windows 10 x64. Looking great - but I've discovered a bug with printing. If I print a song that includes existing mark-up (see attached) the mark-up is moved on the printed page and is nowhere near the correct position (see other attachment - the printed page is exactly as previewed in the printer dialog).

If I delete the mark-up and re-create it in v3, it prints OK.
I believe I have a fix in place for this now. It would be great if you can test with the new update (version 3.0.2) which will be available once Microsoft approves the update.

Will do. No sight of it yet though.
v3.0.2 has now appeared and this is now fixed - thanks for the quick fix Smile

Great to hear! Thanks for checking it again.