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Full Version: How to use MsPro with large libraries on limited tablets?
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I use a Surface Pro as a master on which I manage a complete library with almost 7,000 songs.
The older Android tablets with the larger screens are unfortunately limited in their capacity and can hardly use this large library.

I had thought that I might be able to split up the entire library (for C, Bb and Eb instruments) and only synchronize the respective sub-library. Somehow I had thought that I could create new, reduced libraries from the entire library by using filters, but I didn't succeed.

I was able to copy the original library to a new one and delete songs form this library, but I can't update/synchronize this to the master library. Maybe I'll take a completely wrong approach. It would be nice if someone could explain to me how I can implement reduced sub-libraries from a master library with the possibility to synchronize (of the respective parts) to the master.

Gerne auch in deutscher Sprache Rolleyes
I could write in German, but for the better understanding for all others I will try it in English first  Smile
Try the following:
Select your songs you would like to put in another library
Click share and export as msf and save the file.
Create a new library and name it as you wish 
Activate the libraray
Import the saved msf file. 
Now the songs are in the new library. 
To synchronize the library's you have to create a library with the same name on your second device and activate it. Then you could synchronize your library.
As I know only the activated library will be synchronized. 

Try it first with a small amount of songs and see if this works.
Thank you McAroni,

but that is not what I want to get.
In this case I need to synchronize two libraries at every changes.
I want all "sub"-libraries to be a selected part of the master library. All changes should be synchronized into the master library.
Oh ok. Unfortunately i don't know if sub libraries are possible.