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Full Version: Separation Pages
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I use "setlists" for bundling songs for a concert.
When I have a piece tacet or there is a mid-concert-break, I used to create a blank (in Word) with a text like "Pause", "Great Song, tacet", save it to PDF and include as "normal" song.

It would be easier, if I could insert a "separation page" via the setlist editor:
  • press the new button "separation page"
  • text box opens and I could insert a custom text (multiline, maybe with simple text formatting) and a name (defaulting to the first line of the text or "separation-page-{nr}")
That separation is stored in the setlist.
When deleting there, there is no way of restoring via "songs".

Store these pages in the new category (no "song", just "separation page") for better reuse.
You could create a blank PDF within MSP. In your Setlist click the three dots and tap insert placeholder. You could annotate it as you like.
Cool - Thanks.
In an issue tracker I would close that one. ;-)