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Full Version: Conditional links
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Hi Mike,

while mitigating my sync problem by using one instead of two tables, I came across the (nice-to-have, not urgent) idea  Idea that it could be helpful to have links that are conditionally active depending on the number of connected devices, i.e., some just when one tablet is used, remaining for two etc. I'm sorry if this repeats some other feature idea I'm currently not aware of Angel


PS: Regarding my sync problem... is there any logging functionality that I could activate and send you a log or something like that to support you in spotting the problem. I can imagine that a vague description like "now it is not working anymore" is not really helpful. In the mean time I tried out whether MSP is running into disk spaces (my tablet was rather full) but this does not seem to cause the problem Sad
While the synching is Not working probably you could sync the mobile sheets folder of your two devices, if you have to use both. Eventually you have to correct the file pathes if your sheet music is Not stored in the MSP folder. 
Just if this is urgent for you...
Thanks for the idea.

Do you mean... I close MSP and just do a file based sync of the folders (shall work because all files are in the MSP folder and it's anyway a one-way synch)? Do I have to take additional actions for the MSP database?
Exactly. Just sync everything in the(com.mobilesheets....) folder. Including your Database Files. Make a library Backup on the second device before, just in case something does Not work.
After the sync to the second device just Open mobilesheets. (Your old Database will be overwritten)
Check if your Files are showing up. If something is missing you could use the autocorrect file pathes function in MSP.
Finally, replaying a backup of the primary device did the job as the databases seem to be hidden. I will minimize my changes until the sync is working again...