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Full Version: Unable to sync to google
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Synchronize to a cloud folder

Update device, hit start

Failed to successfully complete library merge.

When I hit close i get message " A merge is currently in progress, are you sure you want to cancel merge
                                               Some songs may not load correctly if you proceed"

I did change the password to google drive but importing from the same location works fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
Can you please verify that you have updated to version 3.0.2, that you have re-selected the Google Drive folder in the synchronization screen, and it's still failing in the same way? 

I am at 2.9.6

Can't find how to manual update it.
Try to Open the Microsoft store App. (Not the Web version) Search for Mobilesheets. Maybe the Update starts automaticly. Or search for the Update direct in the Store App
Going into the store and updating worked.

Thank you.

Edit: I love the new smart pen function in 3.0.2, thank you!