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Full Version: CSV-Import/UI for importing multiple files
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When you want to import multiple songs with metadata and this metadata is not part of the directory/filename, you could only do an import file by file (as I know).
You could enhance the CSV-Import feature to support multiple files:
  • additional csv field names: filename
  • csv field 'pages' support '*' as wildcard to import all pages (or leave empty)
Another approach is via UI
  • select multiple files to import (as in file import feature)
  • select "modify metadata" (new checkbox)
  • provide a table with the filenames and metadata (user could change the values) (new wizard page)
Hi - I was just looking for this feature in MSP because I prefer typing an a computer instead of the tablet. (I have a Macbook so I cannot use the companion app.). Is this feature already implemented ?
It's not implemented yet but it's certainly somewhat high on the priority list after the iOS version is released.