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Full Version: Transpose and re-import ChordPro song
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This has bitten me a couple of times.

I have a song on my PC in the key of A. I upload the song and import it in MSPro.

During rehearsal/performance we decide to play it in another key, B. So I use the transpose dialog to transpose the song from A to B.

Later, on the PC, I incorporate this change by transposing the song file. This is required since the PC version is master and used for printing/distributing, etc..

I upload the revised song to the tablet. MSPro automatically picks up the modified song file and happily re-applies the transposition to the, now already transposed, song. When I display it, the key is now C#.

I won't blame MSPro for doing this but it may be worth to see if there is room for improvement. For example, when re-importing or swapping a song file that has been transposed, show a dialog whether to keep/discard the transposition?
Not really the same situation, but somehow comparable:
A CordPro song in MSP is in my favorite key. During a session the request comes up to do it in different key - it's a snap to transpose it. I have to keep in mind that I need to transpose back. The key stored in MSP might help or often I take a note within the ChordPro file (usually in a subtitle tag) like "with band A in C, with this guy in D" or the like.
That could be more convenient.
I think that particular problem will be addressed by the "song versions" feature.