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Full Version: Manage Musescore-Files
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I use the method shown in the attached video to realize transposable leadsheets in mobilesheets.
For this, mscz- (for WIN 10) and musicxml-files (for Android) are called via a pdf-link.
Left button for mscz Muescore in WIN 10 and right button for musicxml with Practice Bird in Android.
These files must always be located in the same folder as the calling pdf-file.

Currently mobilesheets can only manage image files (pdf, png, jpg,...) and audio files (midi, mp3,...).

For the shown application it would be very advantageous if additionally arbitrary files like mscz.* and musicxml.* could be managed, i.e. backup & restore and synchronize.
How did you make that gif video?
Due to my job, I have Camtasia software for recording screen work. It can also write the gif format.