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Full Version: Slave page turn
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Hi! I am wondering if there is any possibility that slave tablet would turn pages to others? Usually, our singer is Master, but her lyrics have many pages in comparison to the band's lead sheets. I would like to turn the page to other musicians and singer would change the songs. I hope I wrote enough clear. Thank you for your help!
That is not currently supported. I think in order to support something like this, I would need to design it so that that leader tablet could long press on a tablet in the connection list and indicate that it has privileges to turn pages on other tablets. I don't think in general that I want to allow follower tablets to turn pages on the others, as this interferes with setups where the leader tablet may be issuing page turns to switch between songs, but the individual followers may need to turn pages at their own speed if they have different sheet music than the other followers. I can write up a feature request for the future to support this.