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Full Version: Change Web site descriptions?
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Not sure if this is the right forum but it will do

When googling for "mobilesheetspro manual", the first two results display

"[font="Google Sans", arial, sans-serif]MobileSheets Full Manual
[/url] › mobilesheets › manual

MobileSheets is an Android Sheet Music Reader application that can store your library of sheet music and guitar tablature, and offers many features to enhance ...

[font="Google Sans", arial, sans-serif]MobileSheetsPro
[url=] › mobilesheets › MobileSheetsPro
Welcome to MobileSheetsPro, the premier sheet music reader for the Android platform. This user guide will help you get the most out of MobileSheetsPro by ..."

Suggest these web pages, there may be others,  should be modified so that Windows is also mentioned in the displayed summaries (just showing Android may put off some potential users)

I've made some adjustments to that information - thanks for bringing it to my attention.