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Full Version: Improving Piano Staff Tool
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Hey, Mike,

The Piano Staff has amazing potential for me.

I often write lead lines (or sometimes chords) onto charts.

It would be great if the process of using the piano staff tool could be made a bit easier.

For example, it is often difficult to get a note perfectly situated on the staff.

If you could have a tool that lets you pick a note (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) on the keyboard and it places it the correct location on the staff, that would be great.  (It could have an option to raise or lower the notes by octave, etc.).

Also, I suppose within the tool you could also make it easier to pick a duration (quarter note, half note etc.).

I know you have plenty on your plate.   But, if you are looking for further enhancements in the future, I figured I would throw this out there.


Even though I don't really have a use for it, it's super handy and useful! I'd love to see if we could change the type of staff/clef (single staff vs. piano staff, variety of different clefs like alto, tenor, etc.)