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Full Version: Tools bar
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The tools bar hides part of the score, so in that up part is not possible to add text or symbols easily, it'd be necessary that the score size reduces a bit when entering the edit mode. Here's attached the screenshot of the issue...

Thank you, best regards!
That is by design - it ensures that the page is not scaled or shifted when you go to start annotating. The reason it works that way is that, if you are using a stylus, if you placed the stylus down to start writing on the score, if the score suddenly moved the second the annotation mode was entered, it would throw off the location you are going to write on. You can collapse the toolbar by pressing the second icon at the top left. This will let you access the section of the score under the toolbar if needed. Alternatively, if you enable Settings->Display Settings->Always Show the Title Bar, then the score won't be covered at all, as it's already shifted down to account for the bar at the top. I have considered adding support for allowing the page to be panned below the toolbar, but I looked through the code, and it's going to be very difficult to implement that without potentially breaking the layout logic that ensures the page can't be scrolled down during normal usage.

Thanks Mike, it makes sense, that options that you've mentioned will help.

Thank you.