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Full Version: unable to remove snippets after pasting
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I'm learning how to use snippets from the Annotations menu within a song. My purpose is copy/paste a part of a staff to another one.

I can select and paste fine, but then I can't undo the paste action, nor move or delete the pasted snippet. Is this the expected behaviour? How do I remove a snippet after pasting?

The only way to edit these embedded images is to enable the "Allow editing of embedded PDF annotations" setting in the settings window. Then you will be able to move or delete the annotations as needed.

Just found this in the manual. Sorry for the noise.
I'm working on changes for the next update that will keep snippets editable until you save and exit the annotation editor. Further edits are only possible if you enable "Allow editing of embedded PDF annotations", but I want users to be able to set up the snippets correctly when they are first inserted without having to explicitly enable that setting.