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Full Version: CSVFILE of " Hal Leonard Real Jazz Book "
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it’s all in the title, would you have the . csv from this book, please ?

Contain in begining :
17 Adios.
19 Affirmation
18 After All
22 After the rain
23 Aftermath

Merci !

Here it is - have fun
Merci  Heart Heart
Update this tomorow.
Approved ?
it's ok with Keys and Composers ?
I prefer collection Angel
Attention some pdf of this book have double pages, on pdf pages 325,326,335,336.

To fix it ,  select in print options "  Pdf creator"  >> option " pages " >> and paste this  "  i - 324, 327 - 334, 337 - 388  " .

The CSVs, yours and mine, are equivalent. Mine uses tabs as separator and yours use semicolons, both should work. And I should have told you that I use "Custom Groups" for alternative titles. To import the alternative titles into a different database field just change the first line of the file (the column title). If you set the column title to something like "xx" that MSP doesn't know, you can keep it in the CSV and MSP ignores it during import. And you you can save some effort in editing the CSV.

I don't understand your remark about duplicate pages, my PDF matches perfectly with the CSV.