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Full Version: CSVFILE " Legit professional fake book "
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it’s all in the title, would you have the . csv from this book, please ?

(more than 1010 songs ) by richard wolfe

Contain in begining :
14 - A-Tisket A-Tasket
10 - The ABA DABA Honeymoon
15 - Abide With Me
12 - An Affair To Remember

Merci à vous !

Here it is.
Again: exported PDF bookmarks as a starter.
Probably created by OCR, so thorough proof-reading is required.
I added a column "Nr" so that we can easily switch between "sort by title" and the original sort order as it is in the book. The same sorting as in the book is helpful in case we want to check or add something (composer, keys, ...) that requires stepping through the book song by song. Sort by title (after removing "the") is my preferred sort order in the final CSV file.
Merci !

Done !

I fixed an error "The American Patrol" 18 instead of 10.

i don't find " You Turned Thetables On Me" not on page 29.

there are probably some minor mistakes I think but it’s not serious the book is well done.
A helpful first step. Thank you.
But there's much much more to be done. I'm working on it, but it's a lot of effort, so be patient.
(03-24-2021, 05:18 PM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]A helpful first step. Thank you.
But there's much much more to be done. I'm working on it, but it's a lot of effort, so be patient.

I think my CSV file is 99% good, that should be enough.

i understand you, I spend a lot of time redoing and checking

thanks for your help
It's not as good as it seems. I'm editing around 25% of the titles. I will share the result, show and explain the difference.
Here my files:

is a CSV file in (almost) the same order as before for easier checking of the changes

is a CSV with the songs in alfabetical order

I kept columns "Nr" and "PDFPage" to allow convenient switching between the previous sort order and alfabetical order. They don't do any harm, MSP just ignores columns with headers that it cannot identify.
If you don't like them: when you open the CSV in e.g. LibreOffice Calc you can easily remove these columns.

I fixed a lot of those mentioned leftovers from the OCR that created the original bookmarks. Things like 0 instead of O, l instead of i or I and the like. If you want to take a look at the details: LegitProfessionalFakebook.xlsx contains both the previous and the current song titles. If they are different, they are marked with an x in column "diff title".
And in case a title starts with "The" I removed the word "The". Some colleagues prefer moving it to the end like e.g. "Night Before Christmas, The" but I don't like that.

I removed "You Turned Thetables On Me" and added "Oh Calcutta"
Pages for "I Believe In Love" is corrected from "172" to "172-173". It seems to be the only song that is split on two pages.
Pages for "Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo" and "A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight" are corrected from 131 to 137 - another OCR bug

With LegitProfessionalFakebook_Bookmarks.txt corrected bookmarks in alfabetical order can be added to the PDF with jPdfBookmarks
Thank you, very good job !

Did you get the idea what I mean with "fixing OCR bugs"? It's a tedious and time-consuming job because a lot of manual checking is required. That is why I have a lot of fakebooks with those OCRed bookmarks waiting to be processed
yes OCR, I have a little idea. On the other hand the work to provide for these bugs are foreign to me I imagine the amount of work and hours to fix all that!!

Thank you for your investment and valuable help!

my first language " French"