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Full Version: Saving Loops
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Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is a way at all to save loops for sections of songs to practice without setting up a loop everytime for a certain section of a piece when you go into mobilesheets in another practice session.

I can't find any reference to saving various loops.

Cheers Mal
Are you talking about the A-B loops with the audio player? I only currently support one loop for that and I don't have anything in place to save loops or switch between saved loops. I can certainly look into supporting something like that in the future when time allows if it's going to be useful to people.

You could do something similar with smart buttons. In there you could at least define the Start points of the song. So if you would like to practice a particular part just press the button with your settings for the song.
It is Not really a loop but you could quickly jump to a point of the song.
Bugger, thanks for the replies. Yes the A - B loop Mike.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think the ability to save loops in the audio player would be adventagous. 

Just saves having to have mobilesheets which is fantastic, don't get me wrong and also another application on your phone, PC, Laptop or tablet, whatever you use for your music side of things and practice.

I would love to just use mobilesheets without flicking back and forth between apps.