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Full Version: Batch import pdf and mp3
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Hello everyone,

i´ve just searched the forum, but couldn´t find a solution to my question.

I want to import many pdf´s with mp3´s together, so i don´t have to do it for every song again.
Is there a workaround, that some of you used or a function in the app, that i missed?
I just found the batch import for pdf´s and audio files, but couldn´t manage to import both at the same time, nor import a batch witch automatically combined both after importing.

Hope you understand what i want to do!


You will need to enable Settings->Import Settings->Automatically Add Matching Audio, and then make sure you have your mp3s and PDFs in the same directories. Also, the filenames must match exactly other than the file extension (i.e. MySong.pdf and MySong.mp3). Then if you import a PDF, you should see that the matching audio file is automatically added to the song that is created.