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Full Version: GUI suggestion: New tab for favourites
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I'm aware such suggestions are awfully low down on your list to do and this is not entirely new since I think I suggested something vaguely similar for the recent tab. But let's discard this one for this variation. And maybe it's even easy to realize.

Maybe some more users who like me have put their whole collection or at least a substantial partĀ of it into MSP (especially since it's available for W10).

I'd like to have and additional tab with a kind of favourites/bookmarks/scratchpad/workspace function.

The difference to the normal tabs with collections, albums, setlist etc. I suggest is that you can send not only songs but also collections, setlists, albums (and when the versioning is implemented versioned songs) to this tab so you can have your favourite or current songs, setlists etc. all in one place which also can be the start tab. (My favourite filemanager has something similar called "scrap window" where you can send and store files and directories to collect and to work with from all places).

It would surely be useful to me since I find myself using mostly the same songs, setlists and collections I have to navigate first to. Maybe it is of interest to other users as well or you, Mike, think it's an useful addition.