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Full Version: Added all my old songs are GONE
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I recently added new songs to my library from a USB drive.

The new songs come up just fine in Moblie Sheets, but none of my old songs will come up.
Instead it gives a long location "C:/Users/loral/AppData/Local/Packages," etc. and sayd "PDF does not exist".

How on EARTH did this happen, and how can I get it back?

I did change the LOCATION for my Mobile Sheets songs from my limited hard drive on my Surface Pro to a memory card "Drive D".
I"m sure this is what caused this......but but I don't dare go any further with this problem without help.

I just need to know how to get the Surface Pro to find the files....without losing all my ANNOTATIONS I made in my scores with the Surface Pro pen.

Freaking out.
The first thing you will need to do is to identify if the files exist either under the default storage location (C:\Users\loral\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState), or under the new storage location you have selected. If the files are present in the new storage location but MobileSheets did not update the database to point to that new location for some odd reason, you can go to Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths, select "Automatic" and then let MobileSheets scan for all the files under the new storage location. This should repair the database if the files are found. If the files are in the old storage location, copy them to the new storage location, then perform the "Fix Broken File Paths" option described above. Let me know if that doesn't fix everything for you.

My file path shows as C:/Users/loral/AppData/Local/Packages/41730Zubersoft, etc.

But in Windows Explorer, I can only get as far as C:/Users/loral/
And then I can't find "AppData".

I tried the "Fix Broken File Paths" option, just in case that would fix it...but it fixed "0" paths.
I'm googling appdata.
So I got in.
Looking at the AppData files. All my freaking new songs are there, but none of the old ones are there.
So, the NEW files appear under the default location C:/

The old files show up in the NEW LOCATION, but all my annotations do not appear when I open the PDF.....and Mobile Sheets isn't recognizing where to get them.
So I need to know what storage location is listed in MobileSheets under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location. MobileSheets is going to be looking for files under that location, and it will only have permission to access files under that location (and the appdata directory I listed if the two happen to be different). You said new files are appearing under the default location C:\. That is very unusual, and would only make sense if you set your storage location to C:\, but that's generally not recommended. You said you switched things to use a memory card - does that mean you set the MobileSheets storage location to a folder on the memory card or did you just import more files off the SD card (they get copied to the storage location if you do that).

Also, I should mention that the annotations are saved in the MobileSheets database and will only be displayed when running MobileSheets to view the PDFs. If you load those PDFs in another viewer, you won't see the annotations. You said that the old files show up in the new location - what does that mean exactly? The only thing that matters is where the files are in relation to the storage location. If the new files are not in the storage location listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location, you have to move those files there in order for them to load in MobileSheets. Additionally, if the database isn't looking for the files in the right location, you have to perform the "Fix Broken File Paths" action as I described.

So the default location is the C:/users/loral/appdata location.
I did not select this was the default.

It looks like that is listed as the current location under SETTINGS.

As my library was growing, I thought I better move the files from my C drive, so I attempted to change it to a memory card which mounts on my Surface Pro. It's called D:

So, the OLDER songs are on the D: drive. (new location)
The NEW songs added just this weekend are in the default location. (CSmile
Should I just move the folders from my D: drive back to the AppData folder which seems to be the default?
I just want to reunite my songs with the annotations without losing anything......THEN I can worry about selecting my preferred storage location.
Yes, move the files back. If you are going to move those files, you have to use Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location and then pick the folder you want on the memory card. Then MobileSheets will move those files for you and update the database. You can't move the files outside the application otherwise MobileSheets won't know where the files were moved to (and it won't have permission to access them).

For the sake of simplicity and safety.....I will not change the default location.
So please tell me the steps to successfully reunite the folders with the MobileSheets database.

Will I start with Import/Local File/ D:/ Gig Books?

Or am I thinking about this all wrong?
Because I now have the problem of having songs in 2 different locations.
But my primary concern is preserving the annotations on my old songs.
No, you definitely do not want to use Import->Local File. That would reimport the files, and MobileSheets would assume you are trying to add new songs to your library. You just need to copy all of the files used by your library from D:\Gig Books to the LocalState folder, then use Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths. It sounds like you didn't manually move the files from the LocalState folder to some other location, so I'm not sure why those files went missing in the first place, especially if you never changed the storage location. 

Alsö make a backup copy of your mobilesheets.db (or even the automatic backup file if there) to another location so you can restore that in case you accidentally overwrite data.
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