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Full Version: Creating a Custom User Stamp
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Please post a tutorial on the best method of creating a custom stamp.  I've tried editing a jpg file in Photoshop, but when I use it as a stamp, it is too small at size one and too large at size too.  It also doesn't have a transparent background, so the graphic appears on a white background.  Is it possible to use a True-Type font as a user stamp that is customizable upon insertion, much like the fingering charts another user has mentioned in another post?
I think they use vector graphics.
Use a vector graphics application like Inkscape (free), Xara (my favorite), Illustrator. There are many free programs.  Save as svg or png if you want transparent background.
You can use photoshop but for crisp outlines better use a vector app.
An output size of around 50x50 is adequate for most uses and can be resized gradually without big jumps.  You need to do some experimentation to come up with a graphic size that suits your needs.
Don't use jpg unless you want solid backgroud and if you do make sure that the stamp color is set to null or you will get a colored square.

I'm not sure but I don't think custom fonts are supported.