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Full Version: Cropping keeps reverting
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I'm having an issue where my specific cropping isn't being saved? I have a document that keeps reverting itself back to the default auto-crop (I think?) It's chopping off notes I need to read, and it keeps resetting every time I leave and return to a document, which is a big problem.

Maybe this is a 3.1.1 bug? I'll take a video of the issue later. Thanks!
That sounds like the data isn't being persisted in the database for the song for some reason. Is this happening with just that one song? Can you long press that song, tap Share->Export as .msf and send it to After doing that, you could also consider deleting and recreating the song if you won't lose anything important like annotations in the process. If there is an issue, it wouldn't be related to any of the recent updates as I haven't modified any of the cropping functionality.