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Full Version: Several users on same tablet: best approach?
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Hi / hallo miteinander!

I'm a new user of the Android version. My daughter is playing piano and singing, I'm only singing.
We both use the same Android tablet (with same user), but always separately (so, not singing at the same time).

What is the best option / approach for us to organize our sheets, so that they are "separated" / shown only relevant ones for us?
Two different collections maybe?
Or two different librarys. Then you could completly seperate the songs.

I think, the different collections are the right way. And as I could see, that it's possible to add songs to several collections at one time (e.g. "father", "TTBB", "sopran solo", "piano", "daughter", "current", "old" ... in different constellations) it'll be the way of organization for us.
Using two libraries would be more complicated, I think, especially switching them before usage by my daughter.

What do you think, are there better ways of tagging the songs with such information like above?
Or are there any further possibilities?

Thank you for your responses!
I think the easiest way is to use collections; primarily because I haven't had to share libraries, or the tablet, with anyone else (I use collections to keep my user group songs separate)

Sharing a device may cause you issues at some point if one of you has changed MSP settings and it affects the other e.g. turning on performance mode.
Alternatively, one of you may accidentally "damage" the files of the other user.

Suggest you make frequent backups after loading new material or song editing i.e. when you wouldn't want to have to reproduce the changes.
Personally, I have turned off automatic MSP updating on my Android tablet (perhaps not that important for you if you don't do gigs). When I decide to update MSP, I use the companion program to make a backup of the database on my windows pc prior to performing a manual update.

Best, but most expensive way, would be to treat your daughter to her own tablet (which she could then also use for other things); I don't think you need to buy a second MSP licence if it is Android  base (but this may not apply if you bought from Mike's website rather than "Play Store"). I believe windows based tablets need their own licence

It's a matter of taste. I would prefer to use different libraries if there aren't songs, annotations or anything else that is used in common.
I already found (your) old thread about this but as I wrote above, I'm not sure if it won't be too complicated for my daughter.
If I were needing to share a single device with someone and keep it pretty simple, i think I would try:
1- Create a new collection [Daughter]
2- Copy tune. [in the main library, long press song then 'copy song', upper right.]
     a- Re-name the title from 'Song 1' to 'Song 1 - a123' [and Song 2 to 'Song 2 - a123', etc], to allow searching in 'all fields'. Keeping the tag unique [ie., 'a123' or  'D copy',] and only used to refer to one person. Only the tag needs to be searched for. It's possible to use one of the other searchable fields for id-ing song differences/owners, but it would add another step or level of complexity.
     b- Select the collection for the new song [Daughter], and removing it from other folders or setlists/collections, etc., as needed.

I currently do something similar to this when I'm experimenting on a tune in the app.
Short update from my side:
I'm giving both approaches a try (own libraries vs. different collections).
(I'm facing an issue, that new created libraries are missing some predefined attribute values (genres, types, ...) but I'll mention it in a separate thread.)
I'll give another update after trying these two options with my daughter.
Thank you for your tips till now!
OK, we'll use two separate libraries. Switching between them is not so complicated like I thought.
Thank you all for your advices!