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Full Version: Remembering page on scores
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I was wondering if there eis any way to get MSP to remember the page of the music piece when it was last accessed?

I'm learning the piano, and loaded my pdf practice books in MSP, but they keep jumping back to the first page after I close one...
Go to settings library settings there you could tick on the the settings to load the last viewed page of a Song.
In addition to enabling the option to always load the last viewed page, you can also long press a song on the library screen, tap the three dots at the top right and select "Load last viewed page". That option exists as an alternative to the global setting in case you don't want to enable that behavior for every song.

I completely did not interprete that option as being what I was looking for Wink

I don't know if it would be feasible to make a per-document option to have it open by default on the last-viewed-page or start at the beginning? For 99% of my music scores I prefer it to start at the beginning, but for these teaching books it makes more sense to start where I left off. Having a checkbox in the document itself (like where you crop the pages/...) would make sense Smile