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Full Version: Copy & Paste MIDI in MSP Companion
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Is there any way to copy a series of MIDI commands in a song's batch file in MSP Companion, then paste them into another song? I'm using MSP to configure external modules (Beat Buddy, Synth) so every time I open a new song, I want to send the same set of initialization commands but change settings such as the tempo, drum rhythm, etc. Since I have hundreds of songs, it would be great if I could set up a new song with a cut & paste, then just change the parameters as needed.
Is this on the list of enhancements - or is it already available and I just don't know how?
Unfortunately, that's not currently supported. It's certainly on the list of enhancements for a future updaate though.  I know this is fairly important to a number of users who want me to either support copy/paste type functionality with MIDI commands, or something more akin to templates/favorites where they pick from a saved list of MIDI commands to insert into a song.