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Full Version: Korg/Android Connection Issue.
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I'm having issues with new tablet.

I had two tablets which were working great for years. 
My good tablet is dead. My backup tablet is fine and works with MSpro and Korg PA600
My old tablets had USB A jacks, and the new one I bought (RCA from Walmart RCA 10.1" Android Tablet with Keyboard | Walmart Canada)
has a micro USB Jack. I have gone though the trying adaptors and have received a OTG cable today.
When I connect old tablet, everything works, I get a "connection to Korg" message.
When I connect the new tablet, using the new OTG adaptor, MSpro opens (by itself, so there is some connection) but songs don't load and no connection message. 
I may need help.

I'm doing a Factory reset 


Factory reset worked. Unsure why. Sorry I posted it to the wrong forum.
I moved the thread. I'm glad to hear the factory reset worked.