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Full Version: Zoom in and edit a score
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Sometimes I need to do precise editing on a score (for example precisely add a stroke between two notes), and I need to zoom in to do this.

Unfortunately, while the page is zoomed in, the pen tool does not work: if I move my finger, it moves the whole page, it does not write. (But sometimes it does, I wonder if it is a bug)

What I would expect: if I type on the PEN tool, the page stops moving (at least till my finger reaches the end of the screen).

Thank you

If stylus mode is enabled in the annotations editor, then finger input can only be used to zoom and pan the page. If you tap the three dots at the top right, then tap "Settings", you can uncheck stylus mode, then zoom in with your fingers and create annotations with the pen tool. If you do want to work this way, it's better to two finger tap to switch to the pan tool, zoom + and pan the page, then two finger tap to go back to the previous tool to create the annotations. If you have a stylus, the whole process is much smoother.