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Full Version: Export to PDF display errors
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I'm attempting to export to PDF some pieces with my annotations but some of the pages are displaying with missing staff lines, notes, etc. It's usually only one page out of each PDF file, and some songsĀ print just fine (about 20 songs total). They display just fine in MobileSheets, but the PDFs that are exported are buggy. I tried this on Android and also I exported the songs as MSF files, imported them to the Windows app, and tried printing from there and had the same errors. I've attached a screenshot of one of the problem PDF pages.
I believe this is due to a bug in the PDF library I use that was recently fixed by the company that makes it. It would be great if you can test this again once version 3.2.0 is released to see if the problems are addressed. If you want to help me test it out sooner, I can upload a build for you to test (just send an email to if you'd like to try this).

Sure, thanks!