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Full Version: Number of songs vs. tracks
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I'd love to be able to know automagically how many songs are in MSP. Of course, it tells you how many tracks, but I have several versions of many of the songs, even more than one version of a version (e.g. length, duet, brass included). I imagine there are ways to go about it, such as a user tag or fuzzy title recognition... I'm guessing this is maybe not a huge priority for the community, but there it is. Other folks wanting this?

P.S. I love this app more and more. It's so ingenious! Makes life so much easier.
If you go to the songs tab, the number of songs in the list is shown next to the tab label. Is that not sufficient for what you are looking for? Do you have some songs with multiple files and you want to be able to distinguish things at that level?