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Full Version: Staff stamp has disappeared
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Every now and then I use the blank staff stamp to repair or edit a faulty bar in a piece, in combination with the note and rest stamps. I cannot find this staff stamp anymore. Has it been taken out?
The old stamps are no longer available. They were all image based stamps which scaled horribly if you needed to increase or decrease their size, and they all didn't match up well with each other (so you'd have to select different sizes for different stamps). With the new design, a font is used for the stamps instead, so every stamp scales properly without a loss in quality, and all of the stamps go together properly with the same tool size. As far as having access to a blank staff stamp, you can just import your own SVG or image file to get any stamp you need. I will go ahead and email you an svg file I created with 5 staff lines. This can be edited with a free application like Inkscape if you need it to be longer or shorter. 

To add a custom stamp, bring up the stamps window, tap the User section, tap the + icon, select Local file if the file is on the device, navigate to the file and tap OK. It will then import the stamp and you can drop it on your scores.

Got your e-mail and together with that and the above info I'm sure I'll manage. Thanks!