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Full Version: Deleting a page
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I accidentally scanned two song sheets in as one song and I can't find how to delete the second page..can anyone help please? I'm s new user and despite ploughing through the manual I can't find how to do this.

Long press the song on the library screen to select it, tap "Edit Song" at the top of the screen, go to the files tab, then tap the X next to the file in the list that you do not want in the song. Then tap OK to save the changes. That's all that is required. I don't currently support an option to delete that file after removing it though. That is something I still need to add support for. 

Hi Mike, thank you for your help. However, I had already been doing what you said (I think!) but it deleted the whole song instead of just the 2nd page. I eventually deleted it by altering the page number from 2 to just 1 which I hope is permanent but no doubt I will be back if not.