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Full Version: Annotations
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I have a problem,
in a score (PDf-documet) there are a few markings in MS that are not there in the original (and even if T open the score in a other pdf-viewer).
If I remove all annotation in MS, they are still there. Even if I rename the file as PDF (in the Explorer) and re-patch the score are still there
How do I get rid of them?

Can you please take a screenshot so I can see what the markings look like that you are referring to? If it's easier, you can email them to I just need to see what the markings look like to understand what might be causing that. If you go into the annotation settings (enter the annotation mode, tap the three dots at the top right, then tap Settings), there is an option to "Enable editing of embedded PDF annotations". Please try enabling that, and see if you can then select those markings and delete them.