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Full Version: “Clear All” and other Tools on Annotations Toolbar
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As I often add annotations and later wish to clear them, I use the “Clear All” trashcan accessed through the Radial Menu.

It would be wonderful if that tool (and others) could be added and positioned on the Annotations Toolbar to save a few steps and if that is already an option, explain to me how to do it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
I can certainly look into adding the "Clear All" option into the toolbar. I was trying to avoid having too many icons in the toolbar as on smaller devices, as it starts to become cumbersome. Adding a single icon is probably fine, but I'll have to consider each thing on a case-by-base basis. I could also consider adding a "Clear All" icon to the layers popup or come up with a different way to trigger it.


As long as the UNDO command would still work, maybe one solution is to add "Clear All" as a tap action in the Settings.