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Full Version: Single Page Landscape View With Scrolling
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Hi All,
      I have a friend with sight issues, he uses MS on a laptop, but is now struggling to see the score detail.

He needs a magnified view.

How do set up the display to show single pages in landscape and set the foot switch to flip through the pages?

e.g. half a page at a time or one page at a time.

Any help would be appreciated.
You can rotate the pdfs in the Edit Mode [edit>files>rotation] { auto rotate may help if available}; set up the page turning in Settings>Touch and Pedal Settings; and the 1/2 page/page in Display Settings [4th icon from the bottom left, Edit Mode] and there are a couple of pertinent settings in Settings>Display Settings. The scrolling style is in Edit>Scroll Settings [triangle in a circle icon].
You will probably have to play around a bit to see what works best.
The best option is probably to use the vertical scrolling display mode in landscape orientation with the page scaling mode set to "Fit Width". Each page turn with a foot pedal will turn about 33% of the screen (although you can control this by changing the pedal action if you prefer a different scrolling behavior). To change the display mode, load a song, tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, then tap the icon to the left of the page scaling icon with blue arrows. This is the display mode icon and will bring up a dialog with a dropdown for the "Default display mode". Change this dropdown to "Vertical Scrolling", then tap Ok to close the dialog. Then tap the page scaling icon and change the default page scaling mode to "Fit Width". Now the pages should be enlarged quite a bit and you can scroll through them in a controlled manner. Let me know if this will work for your friend.

Hi Mike,
Firstly, apologies for the delayed response - I have been ill.

Your suggestion has worked well. I also converted some of my friends PDFs to landscape, making the music/text much larger. e.g. one page of A4 music divided into two halves, with each half applied to one A4 in landscape. I also highlighted the chord symbols.

So with the new PDFs, vertical scrolling, single page mode, fit width - it works perfectly. Thank you.
I'm glad to hear that my suggestion worked for you, and I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. Thanks for following up.