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Full Version: Voicing/instruments and lyrics/libretto credit fields
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As a vocalist (primarily choral), I would love to be able to filter by voicing, such as SATB or TTBB.  Often, I'll have two versions of an arrangement (same arranger) for different voicings.  It would also be great to look through my repertoire based on instruments or accompaniment.

For non-vocalists, it might be nice to search by piano trio, or if you play multiple instruments, get into clarinet mode instead of sax mode.

I'd also like to have a field for lyricist or librettist (or sometimes lyric source, like a particular Psalm), so a "Lyrics" field might be nice.

Anyway, I can accomplish these with custom fields, I suppose, but thought they might benefit enough people that they'd be useful (and likely very simple) to implement.
I have my custom group set up as "Instrument". That allows sorting, filtering, selection of certain entries, and multiple entries in the field. Any choral music I add to my library gets added with "choir" along with the vocal complement, accompaniment instruments, and supplemental instruments. i.e. choir, SATB, piano, organ, bells.

I do wish that 'Instrument' was a default field in MSP so that the custom group could be used for other things. That or have a several custom groups to use.
I plan on adding at least four more custom group fields. I think it's best if I just add more custom groups versus trying to add all the various fields users could need. I just need to finish the iOS version, then I'll be adding these new custom fields.