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Full Version: subdirectories and file names
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I'd like to know if there's any option I'm not seeing that allows me to organize the imported files in subdirectories, just as I'd do in my file explorer. Just like in the image .
Experimenting with this, I've noticed that you can't batch import from folders that are inside the Mobilsheets storage folder. I can do it file by file, but not on bath import.

I've also noticed that if I change the name of the file, Mobilesheets will lose track of it and I'll have to import it again.

This two things are important to me, as I want to have all my scores well organized both inside and outside the app, without it requiring me to duplicate every file and consuming double storage space in my unit.

I hope this helps someone else, and sorry if this has already been commented or is on the to do list!
Is there any way to create subfolders in the main storage folder to organize my scores, as I've done until now with the file explorer? (see image below). It is important to me having my scores organized without having to duplicate every file, using double storage space.
Experimenting with this, I've noticed that you can't batch import from folders inside the main Mobilesheets storage folder. The appear like empty. You can do it by single files btw.

I've also noticed that if you change the file name with the file explorer, the app will lose track of that file and you'll have to import it again. And I've not see how to change the file name from the app.

If there's any way to do this, please tell. Thank you!
If you import your files from within the storage location, then the folder structure will be maintained and you can manage your own files/folders. Batch importing from inside the storage location absolutely works, but Microsoft's file browser (which I'm required to use for local file selection) will only show folders when the user is selecting folders. It won't show both files and folders when prompting the user to select a folder. So that's not a bug - it's just how Microsoft chose to implement their folder selection dialog. Go ahead and select a folder for the batch import from within the storage location and you will see that it imports all the files and they won't be moved.

You cannot rename files outside MobileSheets without breaking the link to those files and I don't currently have a rename option in the app itself (I will add that at some point). If you want to rename a file, you can go ahead and do so, then go to the song, long press or right click it to select it, tap the three dots at the top right then Swap File, and select the renamed file. That should update the database to point to the new file name. 

well... it is not working for me. Here you have a video showing it. (attachment not working so here is a GDrive link )
I forgot to record that the storage directory is the one where all the other folders are, as you can see because the .json and .xml files are there.
Can you please verify that the file filter is set to *.*, and not "."? The recording makes it very hard to tell, but I want to be sure the file filter isn't causing files to be ignored. I just tested this myself using C:\MobileSheets as my folder and it worked fine.

checked. it was ".", but when I change it to *.* it keeps doing the same.
Try clearing the file filter entirely and import again. That should default it to include all files. I tested importing from all sorts of different directories, and cannot reproduce the problem you are seeing. If you try batch importing a single file from a simple path like C:\Test, does that work? I want to rule out an issue specific to that folder you are selecting.

Well... I've kept testing, and it seems that when I batch import, it only reads the folders inside the main folder. Folders within those folders are not read, and if I select those child folders, files are neither read.

MainFolder/folder/PDF will work
MainFolder/Folder/childFolder/PDF won't work
I just specified C:\MobileSheets as my storage location, then created this path:


I dropped one PDF in Folder3, and then batch imported C:\MobileSheets. It successfully pulled in that file without issue. So that appears to be working for me. If you want to create a small sample of your files/folders for me to test with, zip that up and share it with, I'm happy to test with that to see if it makes any difference on my machine.