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Full Version: MobileSheets PRO available in Huawei AppGallery?
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I didn't find anything about the possibility to get MobileSheets PRO also in the Huawei-Store "AppGallery".
Will it be possible in near future?
Or is it (and will it be) "exclusive" in "Google PlayStore"?

One of our musicians bought the "wrong tablet", so it would be nice to transfer her licence from Google PlayStore, or to get the possibility to buy it again and install it from "AppGallery".

Are there any possibilitys to get MobileSheets PRO on her new tablet?
I will most likely not support the Huawei store. Instead, users on tablets that don't support Google Play can purchase and download the app through my FastSpring store:

That version uses a license key and will work on any device. While licenses can't be transferred, have that musician contact me at and we can discuss this further.