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Full Version: Saving one song from a large PDF as a separate song in Mobilesheets
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I can remember doing this  a while back, but I can't recall how to do it.

I have a large "songbook" pdf in mobilesheets under a single entry.  I want to save just one or two pages from it as a separate song entry in mobilesheets (so I can use in setlists and collections etc. )  

Looking at the examples I created before, they list the big pdf as the file, and just one page in the "page order" that points to the page within the big file that has the desired song on it.   It's as if the "song" is just a pointer to a part of the big pdf.   

 It's so annoying that I can't figure how I created these things.
I have not done this,

But, while you are waiting for someone who knows what they are talking about, maybe look up "bookmarks" and see if that applies.

Create snippet.
You have two options - copy the song and then modify the page order to only include the pages you want, or load the song, tap the center of the screen to bring up the overlay, tap the circle at the bottom left and then click "Create Snippet". You can then enter the pages you want to use from the song. The "Create Snippet" feature effectively does the same thing, although you can choose not to include annotations and such.

Create snippet  !!!!!  yep, that's the option I had lost.

Brilliant support once again.  Thanks you