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Full Version: Screen repair
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Sometimes disaster (or just bad luck) strikes... This weekend I broke my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (T830, 64GB) screen.

What do you think... Is it worth repairing the screen of a 2 year old tablet? The repair is estimated at 300 euro, a brand new tablet is about 600 euro.
FYI:  I had a similar event.  I'm running a Galaxy 12.2 Tab (oldie but goodie).  Dropped it unloading for a gig.  Screen cracked badly, but it functioned.  I got one of those screen protector (clear plastic stuff that's supposed to protect a tablet).  It worked.  Actually, it began working really good -- meaning some areas that were screwed up worked well enough that the cracked screen was no problem. 

Screen is cracked a bit, but it's solid for reading charts.  I've been using it a couple of years now.  It's good enough.  So, if you can see MobileSheets and the screen isn't totally broken, you might try a screen protector.

Your mileage may vary!

Also, picked an a second used 12" tab.  I haven't had to use it, though.

Interesting. The cracks are like spiderwebs, but lots. Yesterday I had a hard time to read the MSPro lyrics and chords since the light stroke the screen at an edge,. and all cracks lit up strongly. I had to rotate the screen to become readable.

Except for the corner cracks (where it fell on) I'm quite confident that it should be possible to 'polish' away the cracks somehow, at least partly.
It depends on what you get out of spending 600 euros for the new tablet. It may be a little faster or have more memory, but at a certain point, that speed won't make a noticeable difference with MobileSheetsPro (but it could if you utilize other apps that do serious processing). The battery would be brand new, so that's certainly a benefit depending on how much the battery had degraded in the Tab S4. If the screen on the new tablet is the same size as the S4, I think I would personally go for the 300 euro repair unless there is something else you would get out of switch to the 600 euro tablet.

How about buying another used S4? The 'magic word' to search for is "refurbished"
That's what I did when I broke the display of my HP detachable. Currently I'm thinking about buying a refurbished S3 because it is one of the last possibilities to get a 4:3 display.
Thanks for all suggestions. I've bought a brand new S7FE a.o. because of its larger screen.
I'm still considering repair of the S4 though, to have a good spare.