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Full Version: Rendering issue only on Samsung Note Pro
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Hi Mike, I am facing a strange rendering issue with almost every Song in one collection. But only in this collection as i can see so far. Black lines on different places. And only on my samsung note pro 12.2. On my Huawei there are no black lines. On both devices is 3.2.7 installed. See the pictures below....[attachment=1710][attachment=1711]

I made a short video where i scroll through the songs in the collection:
If you go to Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference, do you have it set to "Speed" or "Quality"? If you switch this setting, does the problem go away? If the problem appears when using "Speed", please send one of the files to so I can make the company that produces the PDF library aware of the issue. If the problem occurs with both libraries, then I may need to get a copy of the collection from you so that I can test it on my Samsung Note Pro 12.2 to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Hi Mike,  Thanks for the answer. Yes the setting was set to Speed. If i Switch to quality the rendering issue disapears and when i Switch back to Speed it comes back. I wonder, It was always set to Speed and there was no issue at all. This is no new collection with songs...Anyway i will send you one pdf file. 
Thanks for looking into it.
Hi Mike, with the latest Update the Problem seems to be solved.
Thanks for looking into it.