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Full Version: SysEx and midi channel
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When I send a SysEx message to my Korg Kronos (Mode change "F0 42 30 50 4E 02 F7"), it only listens on Midi receive channel 1, regardless what channel I select in MSP.

MSP Send Ch   |   Korg Receive Ch    | Result
    1         |          1           |  Mode change to prog
    2         |          2           |  nothing happens
    2         |          1           |  Mode change to prog

MSP Settings:
MIDI Receive channel : Any
Midi Send Channel : 2
Allow Multiple MIDI Channels : Checked
I searched for hours. And after posting this message, I found the solution by comparing the received data. Sharing the solution for others who came here with the same question:
The 30 part seems to be midi channel 1.
Midi channel 2 F0 42 31 50 4E 02 F7
Midi channel 3 F0 42 32 50 4E 02 F7
Just for reference, system exclusive messages are not sent on a particular channel. The bytes you are including may specify channel (which is specific to the implementation of that message with the device you are communicating with), but in terms of how a MIDI system exclusive message is sent/receive, it does not send on a specific channel.