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Full Version: Turned off metronome drains battery
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When using the metronome of course power consumption goes up however even after I turn off metronome the battery drains super fast. For example if I use the metronome just to check tempo once in a while during a rehearsal battery drains lake 40-50% in one hour. If I however refrain from using the metronome at all battery drains like 10% in one hour. I wonder if there would be a bug like metronome staying active consuming power although not sounding.
When the audio player or metronome is started, a playback loop happens in the background that handles generating the audio. If nothing is playing, the loop still fires, but nothing happens. This seems to be consuming battery power unnecessarily though, so I'm adding changes for the next update that will stop the loop if no audio is being generated, and restart it the next time it's needed. 

Sorry Mike, the problem seems even worse in the new version for me. CPU usage spikes at 100% after a couple of times using the metronome
Might be interesting to see how much cpu it takes after startup i.e. before any metronome has been fired.
(and perhaps after several minutes/song changes without the metronome being accessed.)

Also check the memory - perhaps the system is continuously paging after it has been used for some time and you are just attributing the effect to the metronome.

PS I use Android so can't carry out any tests (But I knew how OpenVMS was designed and windows developed from that)
CPU goes up like 10-20% when changing pages annotating and stuff, then goes down to 0% when just displaying the page. Memory doesn´t seem to change much at all. Acts normal like this until I use the metronome.
Each time I use metronome it goes up 20% and stays there, building up CPU Usage to 100%. After a while it goes back to 50% and stays there. Definitely something going on with the audio player here.
I activated a feature in the audio library which is designed to stop potential dropouts but seems to cause high CPU usage. I'm removing that immediately and I will push out another update. This should fix things. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.