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Full Version: Moving text around
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In edit, I used to always have the tool that's a little box with an arrow going each way, and I'd tap the arrow for the direction I'd want my text to move, and it would nudge it, click by click. I don't know what that's called, or what it comes under, to get it back. It used to always appear when I was editing something.

How did I lose it, and how do I get it back?

Tap the selection tool (the arrow/pointer), tap your text annotation, then tap the nudge icon in the edit toolbar that comes up. You can then tap the pin icon if you want to have the nudge window always up while annotations are selected. Let me know if you need help finding the things I've mentioned.

That was changed in one of the updates. Get it back by selecting the heavy black arrow as if you were working on an annotation. That brings up a popup bar under it that has 5 icons [to edit, move, copy, cut and delete the annotation], select the move icon [the 2nd from the left]. there is a 'pin'icon at the upper left, click on it and the move icon is pinned to the overlay.
Thank you both. I guess I neglected to tick something that would have notified me of replies. I just decided to check when I had this issue again and wasn't able to figure it out from the manual. I have found it now from these instructions and pinned it. 
I wasn't understanding the "Show Nudge with Select Tool –", and I couldn't find the (down arrow) icon [that] is used to show additional settings. All good now.
(10-03-2021, 11:08 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: [ -> ]You can then tap the pin icon if you want to have the nudge window always up while annotations are selected.

I did that. It was there until today. Now it's not there, and it's been a while since I got it there, long enough to forget how I got it there. I'd like it up while I'm doing annotations always and forever.
At least this time, it appeared as soon as I clicked the arrow. But I had to come here to even remember to start with the arrow. When I clicked the arrow, I got just the nudge tool, not the popup bar to tell it to always appear when annotations are selected. It disappears when I click the Text icon. Except while I was looking for it, I clicked who knows what, and it came up in text edit with the nudge tool visible. I did go into settings, exited without doing anything excepting reading the ? text on one item.
I don't think I have a question at the moment, and I might not need help.
The nudge tool won't stay visible unless you have the selection tool active or you are actively editing a text annotation. Due to the fact that nothing can be selected in any other state and the nudge tool only moves what is currently selected, it doesn't make sense for something to be obstructing your view of the page that serves no purpose or function.