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Full Version: Mobilesheets Pro Windows and Companion on one PC: no connection
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I usually use Mobilesheets Pro on Android and the Mobilesheets Pro Companion on a Windows 10 PC. As the Windows 10 PC is a convertible I try to use it as a reader too. So I bought a version of Mobilesheets Pro for Windows. Installation was easy and successful.

I started the companion and Mobilesheets Pro on PC hoping that everything works as good as Android/Windows. Unfortunately I couldn't establish a connection between companion and reader, although it's installed on the same machine.

I searched for help in handbooks, forums and the rest of the internet but didn't find any hint.

So here's my question:
what must be done to connect companion and Mobilesheets Pro both installed on a Windows 10 PC?

Bernd Hollermann
I also use a  Windows PC and Android tablets. The Companion is only for connecting to another device, to load from the same device use the 'local file' choice. I have 2 local files, 'for tablet' and 'on tablet' on my 2-in-1. I use the 'for tablet' when I need the 'local file'. Hope that makes sense.
Windows has a security restriction for UWP applications that does not let them communicate with another application on the same device using the network. So this stops the companion app from connecting to MobileSheets if they are both running on the same device. There is no way around this unfortunately. Having said that, you really shouldn't need to use the companion app for anything if MobileSheets is running on your Windows 10 device. It has all of the same capabilities as the companion app and far more you can access.