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Full Version: Colour coding lyrics
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Anyone found an easy way of changing the colour of the lyrics ? I have some songs that to help with the timing of the instrumental parts I put the appropriate matching lyrics but to show not to sing them I make the text very pale grey/ Also in songs with male and female parts the lyrics are colours blue or pink. Currently to do this I'm having to use annotations and draw a coloured box with opacity set to 80 over each of the lyric lines which is quite some effort, and if the lyrics are moved the box doesnt so the colours are wrong. Would be great if the chordpro lyrics could be tagged with a colour somehow

ChordPro has a {textcolor} directive that changes the color of the lyrics lines. I'm not sure whether MSPro already supports it. If not, it is surely on Mike's todo.

For more detailed control, Pango Markup can be used but that's (also) on Mike's todo.

For the time being you could format your songs using the ChordPro program and import the PDF into MSPro. You'll lose the ability to transpose but you'll gain the colours.