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Full Version: Current and past displays, cost effective.
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I have been looking for the right size and aspect ratio for displaying Mobilesheets. I for myself use an old Lenovo X61. Very expensive back in the day but now used you can find working examples on eBay for $150. Touchscreen with included pointed stylus. It has a 4:3 aspect ratio. I have a Bluetooth pedal. For my wife I found an Acer Chromebook 13.5 inch 713 Spin 3:2 display ratio. $400 on eBay. USB pedal.  These are much less expensive alternatives to iPads. I found an old school 17" monitor and flipped it to portrait. That really works great with a PC for practicing at home. Looking for editing tools as it is not touch screen. I have seen Bluetooth mouse pens. Will give that a try.