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Full Version: any footswitch to start the audio?
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hi there, is there any way to start the audio files with a footswitch.
The audio transport triangle is so small to operate on a stage.
You have to be so precise to push it right.
People wait on the dance floor.

I would use a 3 switch if i can find the right one go back 1 or forth 2 in songs and start them switch 3.
i dont need a switch for pages in one song..every song uses only one page in my kit.
Is that possible?
if anyone knows its possible, which footswitch is the right ones? 
Yes, if you go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions, you will see there are pedal actions for starting and stopping the audio player (or pausing and resuming depending on which you prefer). You can pick which actions you want for each key that is mapped, and you can assign up to six. So you can either make do with two pedal actions, or get a four-pedal unit like the ones that AirTurn sells.