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Full Version: A collection of setlists?
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In folk music circles, players generally group 'matching' tunes in pairs to play for dances or in sessions, and Mobile Sheets allows these pairs to be saved as Setlists. Is it possible to group a number of these mini-setlists together - say, under 'Collections' or in some other category - so that the tune-pairs used for different occasions can be stored under a discrete heading. For example, if a player worked with more than one band, it would be handy to separate the tune-pairs in one repertoire from those in another.
I think I would have a separate file per tune and import every file as a song.
Then create a copy of the first song of a pair, add the second tune and save it as a new MSP song under a new name like "first tune + second tune"
Tune-songs and tune-pair-songs can easily be grouped in collections, setlists, albums, custom groups, whatever fits best. I use collections for bands / line-ups / session locations and MSPs setlists to plan the programs for gigs.
With MSPs search function it's easy to find every song and every pair that contains a certain tune.