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Full Version: Numeric Sort Order
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How do I get pieces with sequential numbers sorted in actual order rather based on the first digit only.

For example, I'm titling Scriabin Preludes, Op. 11 as Prelude 1 through Prelude 24. However in the Library Prelude 1 is followed by Prelude 11, then 12, etc. until Prelude 19 which is followed by Prelude 2, then 21, 22, etc.

Is there a fix for this other than using leading zeros?

Did you use the numeric sort order option? For example, go to the songs tab, tap the Sort: A-Z at the top and change it to numerically. Then see if your songs are sorted as you would like. This accounts for numbers being anywhere in the title so long as the rest of the title up until the number is identical.

That didn't seem to have any effect.
I've sent you an email with a screenshot and some questions.