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Full Version: New Setlist pick songs from single collection
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Hi need help to following situation:

My MobileSheetsPro Database (Tablet, Android) contains several COLLECTIONS of titles for my respective bands. Lets call them Band-A, Band-B and Band-C.
Some of the titles are even contained double in the database (different versions for different bands)

When creating a new SETLIST, MSP lists every single song in the database for selection, which is confusing when the total amount of songs exceeds 200 ...
Is there a way to restrict the list of selectable titles to just one COLLECTION? eg. only songs of band-C?

(if not, what is the added value of Collections??)

Yes, you can certainly do that. In the group editor, normally all of the filters are shown by default unless they've been hidden. If you've hidden filters, tap the three dots at the top right and then show the filters. Then you can select a collection from the collections dropdown to only show songs from that collection.